Cybersecurity Certifications for Dayton Businesses
January 20, 2023
Cybersecurity Certifications for Dayton Businesses
January 20, 2023
Importance of Cybersecurity Certifications

Importance of Cybersecurity Certifications for Dayton Businesses

Importance of Cybersecurity Certifications

Investing in cybersecurity certifications for your staff can play a vital role for every Dayton area business. The cybersecurity industry as a whole is on a major incline, especially in the Dayton area. There are more professionals turning to a cybersecurity career than ever before. Even with the massive influx in cyber-talent, there are still thousands of open positions in this area. Although this is great for the industry, it can be alarming for companies who have an incredible staff that they want to hold on to. Increased opportunities creates competition, which can create an issue with turnover and having to find new qualified professionals.

Cybersecurity Certifications can be the Key to Dayton Businesses

So what should businesses do in the Dayton area to keep their cybersecurity staff? There are several areas every business should focus on. But overall, it comes down to investing in your employees. Studies have proven, now more than ever, that happiness is one of the most important deciding factors for a professional (even more than money). To help increase their happiness, a company needs to create a sense of importance. And there is no better way to create that than investing in them.

This is where cybersecurity certifications can come into play. There are few industries that focus more on certification training. With the wide variety of certifications, from the CompTIA Security+ to EC-Council Ethical Hacker, there is so much knowledge and growth available for professionals in this arena. Additionally, with the amount of work that can go into preparing for a certification, there is a huge sense of satisfaction that comes with finally passing that exam. The problem for many of us is that preparing and paying for these certifications can cost a lot in time and money. Insert your organization here.

Increased Motivation

One of the toughest jobs of any business is keeping their staff motivated. A motivated staff leads to productive output. The problem with motivation is:

  • It’s rarely permanent, requiring you to make it a constant focus for your staff;
  • It’s different for everyone.

That’s why investing in your staff’s education is so vital. Providing an opportunity for someone to chase a goal is one of the best ways to provide that metaphorical carrot. This can be with internal training programs, leadership training, or cybersecurity certifications. These can give your staff something to constantly work towards, that will not only benefit the company, but will also benefit the individual. Making it a win-win.

Improved Work Quality/ Productivity

When your staff is motivated and goal-oriented, they will remain much more productive. This also will improve their work quality. When a professional feels like the company is invested in the employee’s success, they will be drastically more motivated to invest in the company’s success. When a company is willing to go out of their way to not only help pay for cybersecurity certifications, but also set aside time while at work for them to study, the employee will feel that sense of appreciation. It will create a situation where they truly believe the company is focused on their staff’s success.

Better Employee Retention

This leads to the ideal scenario you are looking for…staff retention. A simple step, like investing in employee education, can truly lead to much higher employee retention. When you invest time and money into things like leadership training or cybersecurity certification training, you are showing the employees that their self-improvement is important. You are also providing them ongoing goals to chase after. This will lead to high motivation and productivity. Which leads to a greater sense of self-worth and happiness. Which is truly the key to employee retention. You create a scenario that will make it very difficult for the staff to want to leave.

It’s Time to Change our Approach

In the past, the focus was always on the company. Company success leads to employee success. But this type of top-down approach rarely works any more. Times have changed and it’s time for businesses to focus on employee success, realizing that employees being successful and happy will lead to company success. And by success, this isn’t about focusing on just increasing pay. We have to focus on giving them opportunities to grow within the company and grow personally. And when it comes to cybersecurity professionals, the best focal point for both company growth and personal growth are cybersecurity certifications.

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