Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners in Dayton
November 7, 2022
Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners in Dayton
November 7, 2022
Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners

Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners

Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Beginners in Dayton

This is the first blog in a series that will discuss the best cybersecurity certifications for beginners. Cybersecurity attacks have grown year after year, creating vast opportunity for IT professionals living in the Dayton area to create successful and useful careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analysts and similar job roles is expected to grow 35% over the next 10 years, with nearly 20,000 new openings every year.

In this booming industry, many times one of the toughest things to do is to find a way to stand out above the crowd. Many professionals enter the career field after going through college or higher levels of education, but those same professionals can struggle with validating experience. Others jump in with gaining experience, but then struggle finding time to verify their knowledge through continuous education. So how do you find the balance of both education and experience? In either scenario, one of the best options to move forward is through a cybersecurity certification.

Why are Cybersecurity Certifications Important?

This gap between gaining experience and education is exactly why these certifications are so important. If you are in a position where you have experience, but lack a degree, cybersecurity certifications like the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ programs can validate the necessary knowledge and credentials to take the next step in your career. Have a degree, but limited experience, the labs built into the EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician (CCT) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) programs provide real-life experience to add to your educational qualifications. These certifications are specifically designed to prove to potential employers that you are qualified and exactly what they are needing.

Which Cybersecurity Certifications Should I Get First?

Most people just want to know which cybersecurity certification they should get first. And that can be a very difficult decision to make, because there are dozens of cybersecurity certifications that can help boost a resume. The focus at Phishbuster Academy is to go beyond just resume building, we want to ensure that we provide guidance to the best certification for your scenario. This blog series will dive into the 4 certifications that are best for beginners:

  • EC-Council CCT
  • CompTIA A+
  • Network+
  • Security+

Each blog will dive into the details and benefits of each of these amazing programs. Providing information on things like exam costs and job roles the certification can benefit. There will also be links to some amazing self-paced and bootcamp style exam preparations, because many of these exams have 40-50 hours worth of knowledge that you will need to learn and understand prior to taking the exam. Self-paced programs are great for people that want to work in the information around a busy schedule. Accelerated bootcamps are ideal for professionals looking to get certified in a short period of time.

Who Can Benefit from a Cybersecurity Certification?

Every single professional in this industry can benefit from obtaining certifications. These certifications are ideal for two extremely important reasons:

  1. They teach foundational cybersecurity skills and techniques, which passing an exam will validate your knowledge to future employers; and
  2. The built-in labs provide additional experience to help prove that you know how to implement what you have learned.

Since everyone’s situation is different, we will dive into each of these certifications, providing the essential details to help guide you. Whether you are an experienced IT professional, looking for the next certification to help move you to the next level. Or you are brand new to the industry, and need help picking the best cybersecurity certification for a beginner and a cybersecurity certification roadmap. This blog series will help provide the necessary information to ensure you are on the right path.

LMSolutions stives to be the leading provider in cybersecurity education. Our goal is to not only educate and train, but to provide essential guidance to every business trying to secure their data. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to CONACT US, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.